The Dime Box

by Karen Grose

Recommended by Lawrence Hill

Buried secrets lie closest to the heart.
Greta Giffen barely escaped being murdered by the man she grew up with. She’s not sure who Ian is, or who she is, but she’s determined to find out. When she bolts from their secluded cabin in northern Ontario and flees to Toronto, her new life comes at a price. Ian dies under suspicious circumstances and a veteran detective believes eighteen-year-old Greta has the perfect motive.

A prime suspect in a tense police investigation, Greta finds it hard to make Detective Astra Perez believe the details of her dark and appalling story. Digging deep into her sordid history and forced to face the people from her past in a new light, Greta struggles to accept the secrets that have haunted her since childhood. Still, Detective Perez remains doubtful. And until Greta herself confronts the disturbing evidence in front of her, she will never truly escape that cabin in the woods.

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Karen Grose was born in Canada and lives with her family in Toronto. After a long career as a teacher, principal and superintendent, she turned her attention to writing. The Dime Box is her debut novel and she is currently working on a second. Karen is a member of Crime Writers of Canada, Sisters in Crime-National, and Sisters in Crime-Toronto Chapter. When she isn’t writing, she consults in the global EdTech sector and walks her high strung French bulldog, Ruby, on the boardwalk of Lake Ontario.

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Or on Twitter @kgrose2