Take Action

As part of Amnesty International’s campaign #NoMoreKillingslaunched in October 2019, the talented street artist from Mexico City Sego created a mural in honor of the brave environmental rights defenders who fight to protect our natural heritage. The piece entitled “The Power of Roots”, pays special tribute to people like Julián Carrillo, a Rarámuri Indigenous rights defender from the Sierra Tarahumara, in Chihuahua, killed on 24 October 2018, whose case is also included in the BRAVE campaign. 
(Credit: Amnesty International / Maho Irigoyen)

More than a thousand environmental and land defenders have been killed since the Paris Agreement was signed, many of them Indigenous defenders. Thousands more defenders have been threatened with death, attacked, or unjustly thrown in jail to silence them. Nowhere is the situation more dangerous than in countries of Latin America, with Indigenous, racialized and women defenders at particular risk.

Check out the climate protectors Activism Guide to learn how you can get more involved in working in solidarity with climate activists doing essential, yet often dangerous, work around the world. 

Solidarity action is vital to support those whose efforts protect us all.